How good is the 2017 Forester ? so good that I would love to get a fully loaded 2017 Touring and sell my 2014. I think they have nicely upgraded it year.

It is still clearly the best of class in its price range.

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This is my resource page dedicated to showing others why I feel the 2014 Forester (which is the same as the 2015 Forester) is one of the greatest SUV’s ever created (for its price and size category.) I love mine. I owned a 2003 (90K miles) and 2006 (120K miles) RAV4 before and they can’t compare to the Forester. Even with the best care that they got they both started breaking down before we got rid of them. I feel sad when I see people buy other new SUV’s in its size category cause I know the truth (now you can too !). The Forester has capabilities like superman, far and above those of other mortal cars. Watch the videos especially, to see what the Forester can do that others fall FLAT on their face. I have had my Forester for 39K miles so far (purchased 6/13/2013) and my MPG to date overall is about  29. I can get upper 30’s on flat highway trips (see below.) I have the Limited with navigation. Note that when you select the Article or Video tab you then have to scroll down to the links. I researched vehicles for about 7 months before getting the Forester and I have continued to research and observe the market for this class of SUV’s.  My belief in the Forester is the result of a tremendous amount of research and looking and test driving, it is not just making statements that have no basis in reality. Almost every link or video is from a credible source, not just someone with a computer who likes to post unreliable information. Remember that you are about to spend $20,000 to $35,000 and I think you should make this decision carefully. Read every article and watch every video on this site and you will see the automotive industry secret scam, that most of the SUV’s out there are garbage compared to the Forester. The choice is clear. The liars are exposed. Break free of the brainwashing of the lies of the big car makers. I just saw the Motortrend 2015 SUV of the year award and I disagree with it. The CRV may be a fine ordinary SUV to go to the supermarket, but if you look at the talents of the Forester like X-mode and Symmetrical AWD the Forester still KILLS it. I still feel the Forester is the most talented SUV in it category. Also the tested price of the CRV was over $33K ! note this important difference about the CR-V from the Honda website: Real Time AWD with Intelligent Control System™ is a blessing whether you use your CR-V in the mountains or the city. The system can sense loss of traction and automatically transfer power to the rear wheels, helping you grip the road and stay on course. It is clear that Honda is still using a AWD system that is massively inferior to the Subaru system. That alone is a good enough reason to avoid the CR-V !!! However if Subaru did not exist, I would consider a loaded CR-V as possibly the best. Mike ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

This is the mileage I got on a flat stretch between San Francisco and Reno in 2013 when the car was kind of new. It’s easy to get above the rated MPG if you drive efficiently.


now in December 2014 with 21,000 miles, the MPG is still pretty good:


 read this Consumer Reports article to become a master on getting MAX MPG:


cargo space in the Forester is excellent, I believe only the Rav4 and Outback are larger. Note that there is a 6CF difference between a model with the sunroof and one without.

Costco had a 60 inch Plasma TV on clearance now so I bought one and let me tell you, the box is enormous (58x38x17) ! Yet I bet I could have fit two in there !.

subie cargo


Best advice:

GET X-MODE, this incredible system puts the Forester and Outback over the top in awesome performance.

if you have Geolander tires replace them ASAP and sell them. I immediately bought continental pro contacts.

Don’t be fooled by the 2015 CR-V. If you want to just go 1 mile to the supermarket, I guess its fine. But if you want the intangibles that put the Forester way above everything else then the Forester is still #1. The CR-V does not have Symmetrical AWD, and it does not have the X-Mode option which I highly recommend and so on. There is the Forester and there is everything else, it seems like the 2015 CR-V is the best of the everything else category of ordinary vehicles. Why settle for being ordinary ? That won’t save the day.



Consumer Reports:

“In the popular Small SUV category, the Subaru Forester 2.5i Premium sits at the top with its Excellent reliability, Excellent Test Score of 86 out of 100, and far-above average Value Score of 1.8. At the other end of that category is the Jeep Cherokee Latitude (4-cyl.), its 0.47 Value Score exemplified by its higher operating cost, poor reliability, unimpressive Test Score, and higher price.”


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