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this video shows the competition can’t handle challenges:

the forester handles tough driving on wet surfaces:

the others can’t go uphill when the going gets tough:

another video on traction superiority:

watch how the 2014 Forester can save your life (if that’s important to you):

learn more about symmetrical AWD

I would not consider buying a Forester without X-MODE, which is only available on the Limited and Touring editions:



this is a set of 7 videos with vehicles tested for difficult terrain (Forester is gold color, put mouse over the video to see the title of the segment you are watching):

watch the  Subaru lab series to learn about Subaru technology that is used in the Forester and other Subaru’s; after watching #1 continue through the series:


this is in Russian but still is worth watching for driving on snow and ice !

this one is insane and I think I would be scared to try this !

This post on has more videos, there are so many videos exposing the scams of other SUV makers its hard to list them all:


Consumer Reports 2015 picks video: